Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Where are the bathrooms?
We have portable bathrooms set up all over the festival.  For a map stay tuned to our website. The map will go live the week of the festival. We will also have physical copies available at the Howell Melon Festival Info Tent on the corner of Michigan Ave. and Grand River.

2.       Who puts on the Howell Melon Festival?
The Howell Melon Festival is put on by Howell Area Parks & Recreation Authority in conjunction with the City of Howell.  We are a small staff and as such most of the festival is run by our awesome volunteer crew and community partners!

3.       Is there a parade?
Sadly we do not have a parade.

4.       When does packet-pickup for the Melon Run start and where is it?
On-site packet pickup starts Friday, August 16th at 5:00pm on State Street.  There will also be on-site registration for the 1 mile, 5K, and 10K races there as well.

5.       Can I still get a race shirt?
Race shirts are available with your Howell Melon Run registration until August 4th. After that no shirts will be available.

6.       Where are awards for the Melon Run?
The awards will be on Clinton/State Street where the run began.  Results will also be posted there.

7.        When will race results be posted online?
We will post them on facebook and when we receive them from our race company.  They will be posted no later than Monday, August 19th.

8.       Are pictures taken of the race?  Where and when can I see those?
We take pictures of the race.  Oftentimes some of them will be posted live from the race site but usually the rest of them will go up the week following the festival.  We will post these to our facebook when we receive them.

9.       When does (insert event/activity here) start?
For a full list of all of our festival activities and their times and locations, check out our Daily Festival Schedule.  The completed scheduled will be posted to our website the week before the festival begins

10.       Where can I get information about the festival on-site?
For on-site help and information, be sure to stop by our Melon Festival information booth.  It will be set up at the Corner of Grand River & Michigan Ave. Saturday-Sunday, August 17th-18th.

11.     Why wasn’t (insert event/activity here) at the festival?
We try to bring a good variety of events, entertainers, and activities to the festival each year.  As such, not everything is at the festival every year.  If there was an event, activity, or performer you really enjoyed, or missed this year, let us know by emailing us at

12. Is the train back this year?
Sadly due to changes within the Steam Institute we are unable to host the train this year. We hope to bring them back to future Howell Melon Festivals!

13.      Where can I get Melon Ice Cream?
The delicious Melon Ice Cream we have every year is sold on the Howell Carnegie Library Lawn by the lovely folks from the Howell Rotary Club.

14.     Do I still get free Melon Ice Cream for running the 5K/10K?
Yes you do!  Just take the tear off ticket on the bottom of your race bib to the Melon Ice Cream booth at the Howell Carnegie Library Lawn and you’ll receive your free cup of ice cream!

15.     Can my dog come to the festival?
Absolutely!  All dogs must be on a leash and well behaved.  Owners must clean up after their dogs.  Dogs are not permitted in the Howell Melon Run or the Festival Tent at any time.

16.     How can I help the Howell Melon Festival?
The number one thing you can do is let us know!  Leave a review on our facebook and let us know what your favorite parts were.  If you want to help by contributing your time, considering volunteering with us next year!