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Howell Melon Festival

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  c/o Howell Area Parks & Recreation
925 W. Grand River
Howell, MI 48843
517.546.0693 x 7704

Committee Members

Paul Rogers, Director of Howell Area Parks & Recreation Authority

Beth Schrader, Assistant Director of Howell Area Parks&Recreation Authority
Traci Mularoni, Festival Supervisor, Howell Area Parks&Recreation Authority

Tim Church, Melon Run&Doc May Bike Ride, Howell Area Parks&Recreation Authority
Shea Charles, City of Howell Manager

Erv Suida, Logistics in Downtown Howell
Marcel Goch, Logistics in Downtown Howell
George Basar, Howell Police Department
John Kowalski, Howell Police Department
Jeff Woods, Howell Police Department
Les Rodwell, Fire Marshall of Howell Area Fire Authority
Andy Pless, Fire Chief of Howell Area Fire Authority